photos by Greg Cristman

Death in June @ The Bell House, 6/20/2013

Like their former member Boyd Rice before them, influential gothy neofolk group Death in June's tour came to Brooklyn for a controversial but sold out show at the Bell House on Friday (6/20). Ultimately though, the night was a non (no pun intended) event, the music included. One fan tells us:

Their live set however did nothing for me and left me disappointed and apathetic. Two minimalist, tribal drummers and marginal vocals with an occasional acoustic guitar and not much stage presence made this a fairly forgettable evening for me. My thought is they have to use the quasi, neo nazi/military imagery and a mask to generate some kind of excitement to the dullness of it all. It didn't work...

Were you there? What did you think? Do you think "Doug Pearce's use of Nazi imagery is fetishistic shtick, that he works with Jewish artists and people of color, and actually comes from the leftist and anti-fascist 80s British punk scene," or would only the naive believe that?

Pictures from the show, including opener Cult of Youth, are in this post. More below...


Cult Of Youth

Death In June

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