LA's Deathchant are releasing their sophomore album Waste on June 25 via RidingEasy Records (pre-order), and we're now premiering second single "Gallows." "I’d say it has sort of a DIY LA punk aesthetic, very ironically going hand in hand with a classic metal vibe," singer/guitarist T.J. Lemieux says of the album, citing such bands as Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep as reference points. That very much comes through on "Gallows," which sounds like a raw, sleazy take on just about everything T.J. named. Listen and watch the video for previous single "Holy Roller" below.


01. Rails
02. Black Dirt
03. Holy Roller
04. Gallows
05. Waste
06. Plague
07. Maker

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