Deeper Graves is the solo project of Chrome Waves' Jeff Wilson, who has also played in Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, and the controversial, officially-disbanded Nachtmystium, and he'll release his debut album Open Roads, on July 3 via Disorder Recordings (pre-order).

"The origins of this project go as far back as 2014," Jeff says. "I had been challenging myself to write a song a day, trying any type of music, attempting to keep up quality in the content. In your stereotypical songwriting, you've got your three to five parts to work around. At the time, I had already had it with the progressive, noodly, technicality that was running rampant in metal and just decided to write a dozen or so songs based off a single riff, synth driven, no solos, no overthinking. And Deeper Graves was born."

So far he's released two songs -- the title track and "Ode To War" (ft. Bruce Lamont) -- and we're now premiering third single "Leave This World," along with its video. Jeff tells us, "This video was pieced together to coincide with the lyrics for the song and art for the album. 'Leave This World' is about being stressed over the general population, depression, anxiety, social media and over stimulation, the pressures of working paycheck to paycheck and the want and need to just give in, pack up and start over, or to simply clock out. I think I can safely say that we’ve all been there one way or another and hope this somehow speaks to everyone who’s struggled with it."

Like the previous singles, "Leave This World" really finds Jeff leaning into his goth, dakwave, shoegaze, post-punk, etc influences, and it's good stuff. Watch the new video and stream the two previous singles below.

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