Deerhoof will soon be back with their 18th album, Actually, You Can, that's out Oct. 22 via Joyful Noise Recordings. “Think of all the beauty, positivity and love that gets deemed ugly, negative and hateful by the self-proclaimed guardians of 'common sense,'" say Deerhoof of the album's central theme. "We'd hardly be destroying society by dismantling their colonial economics and prisons and gender roles and aesthetics. We'd be creating it!”

The album's first single is "Department of Corrections" which imagines our prison industrial complex as The Last Supper. Deerhoof say it's "about all the marvellous mysteries of life that don't add up on a ledger sheet or figure into an AI algorithm. It's about Judas going electric. It's about how the human species itself is meaningless without a planet to live on. How we vastly outnumber our would-be masters if only we could get organized.”

The animated video was made by Jess Joy who says "'Department of Corrections' rhetorically questions authority. Who runs the show? A dying sun? Mushrooms? In wondering why we put limitations on our freedom, we realize that the people we have put in charge also do not know." Watch the video below.

Deerhoof - Actually, You Can - LP Artwork-hires

1. Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates of Hell
2. Department of Corrections
3. We Grew, and We Are Astonished
4. Scarcity Is Manufactured
5. Ancient Mysteries, Described
6. Plant Thief
7. Our Philosophy Is Fiction
8. Epic Love Poem
9. Divine Comedy

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