That new Deerhoof song "Debut" turns out to be from the band's new album, The Magic, which will be out June 15 via Polyvinyl. Says drummer Greg Saunier, the songs on this album were meant to evoke "what we liked when we were kids - when music was magic - before you knew about the industry and before there were rules. Sometimes hair metal is the right choice." Three of the songs on The Magic were actually written and recorded for HBO's series Vinyl but never used. You can check out the very glammy "Plastic Thrills," the album's official first single, which definitely sounds like it could've been on Vinyl. (So does the NY Dolls-cribbing band photo above.) Listen to that, as well as "Debut," below.

Pre-orders of The Magic come with a "special cassette mixtape of us covering some of our favorite songs." Check out tracklist and album artwork below.

Deerhoof also have that collaborative album Baltner/Saunier with Ensemble Dal Niente out soon too.

Deerhoof - The Magic tracklist

01 “The Devil And His Anarchic Surrealist Retinue”
02 “Kafe Mania!”
03 “That Ain’t No Life To Me”
04 “Life Is Suffering”
05 “Criminals Of The Dream”
06 “Model Behavior”
07 “Learning To Apologize Effectively”
08 “Dispossessor”
09 “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire”
10 “Acceptance Speech”
11 “Patrasche Come Back”
12 “Debut”
13 “Plastic Thrills”
14 “Little Hollywood”
15 “Nurse Me”