The 2019 Ecstatic Music Festival continued on Saturday (2/16) at The Kauffman Center's Merkin Hall with a performance from veteran indie rock band Deerhoof and percussion trio Tigue. The night opened with a performance from Tigue, then a set from Deerhoof and then, as is the usual for Ecstatic Music Fest, they performed a set together, including a new collaborative piece commissioned for the fest. The evening finished with Deerhoof playing their 2007 album Friend Opportunity in full, with Tigue adding extra percussion. Check out pictures from the whole night in the gallery above, and the setlist is below.

Next up at Ecstatic Music Festival is Irreversible Entanglements and Amina Claudine Myers & Nicole Mitchell on February 28 at Merkin Hall (tickets).


I: Tigue
Matt Evans, Amy Garapic, Carson Moody, percussion

II: Deerhoof
John Dieterich, guitar, Satomi Matsuzaki, bass + vocals, Ed Rodriguez, guitar + bass, greg Saunier, drums + piano + vocals

III: Deerhoof and Tigue
New Work composed collaboratively by Deerhoof and Tigue (2019)
World Premiere Commissioned by Ecstatic Music Festival

Friend Opportunity composed by Deerhoof
1. The Perfect Me
2. Choco Fight
3. +81
4. Believe E.S.P
5. The Galaxist
6. Makko Shobu
7. Matchbook Seeks Maniac
8. Cast Off Crown
9. Kidz Are So Small (lyrics on “Kidz Are So Small” by Deerhoof and David Shrigley)
10. Whither The Invisible Birds?
11. Look Away


photos by David Andrako

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