Deerhunter are planning to release a new Cate Le Bon-produced album this year, but first they're debuting new songs (and new live lineup) on tour, and they're selling a very limited, tour-only, 10-song cassette, The Double Dream of Spring. The tour began at NYC's Elsewhere on Tuesday (5/15), where Deerhunter made the live debuts of new songs "Detournement," "Futurism," "What Happens To People," "Element," "No One's Sleeping," and "Death In Midsummer," alongside some old favorites like "Agoraphobia" and "He Would Have Laughed." They played almost the same setlist at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge the next night, only this time, members of Animal Collective were in the house, and Deerhunter invited them on stage at the end of their set for a 20-minute improvisational jam. Avey Tare, Deakin and Geologist were all there (so, everyone but Panda Bear), and opener Cindy Lee (aka former Women frontman Patrick Flegel) joined too. You can see some videos of the jam, and one of them playing "Element" at LPR, below.

Deerhunter completely sold out of all 300 copies of the tour-only cassette at that first Elsewhere show, and Bradford mentioned on stage at LPR that they only made 300 copies because they didn't think there would be that much interest. He also urged fans not to buy the tape from scalpers, and had a sign-up page at the merch table at LPR to get a tape mailed to you if you wanted one. Bradford also played the songs from the cassette from his phone over the PA as the band left the stage. Check out pictures from the show in the gallery above.

Deerhunter next play London on May 25, and they'll be back in NYC for a free House of Vans show on August 18. Maybe we'll know more about their new album by then. RSVP for that show opens on July 27.

Panda Bear played his own NYC show (pics) earlier this month (with Geologist opening), and all of Animal Collective will play David Lynch's Festival of Disruption at Brooklyn Steel on Sunday (5/20). Panda Bear and Avey Tare will also be taking AnCo's 2004 album Sung Tongs on tour later this year, including two shows at NYC's Town Hall.

Deerhunter at LPR - 5/16/18 Setlist (via)
What Happens To People
Desire Lines
No One's Sleeping
Death In Midsummer
Take Care
He Would Have Laughed

Cover Me (Slowly)
Improvisation (with Animal Collective)


photos by P Squared