Chicago rappers Defcee and CRASHprez and producer knowsthetime have revived their collaborative project defprez for new album It's Always A Time Like This, due April 14 via Closed Sessions. A handful of songs were co-produced by mattVISTA, and additional contributions come from Jamie Breiwick and Dillon Treacy.

The first glimpse at the record comes from single "Paper," a slowed track fueled by lively snare cracks and rhythmic verses. "Paper" is “everything we take for granted in building music and community with people we love,” according to Defcee. CRASHprez adds, "'Paper' is a flashback tracing the roots of our respective journeys as writers and performers, and offers testament to the people and places that shaped our experiences and informed our hustle.”

Listen to "Paper" and check out the artwork and tracklist for It's Always A Time Like This below.

defprez, It's Always A Time Like This

It’s Always A Time Like This Tracklisting
Keep That
Paper (feat. mattVISTA and Jamie Breiwick)
Cold Wax
Deserve (feat. Jamie Breiwick and Dillon Treacy)

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