Deftones brought their tour with Rise Against and Thrice to Jones Beach last night (6/13). Though they're coming off releasing an excellent album, last year's Gore, they only played one song off that one. Instead, they loaded the set with classics like "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)," "My Own Summer," "Change (In the House of Flies)," "Digital Bath," and more.

Rise Against and Thrice did the opposite. Rise Against just released Wolves and played a few songs off that (along with tons of others from throughout their career). But those hoping for something off Revolutions Per Minute were out of luck. Thrice played the classic "Silhouette" early on, but otherwise kept things to the latter half of their career.

Three Trapped Tigers opened too but we missed them. Pictures of Deftones, Rise Against and Thrice are in the gallery above. Setlists for all three bands below.

Rise Against are also touring with White Lung this year, including an Asbury Park show on October 6 at Stone Pony Summer Stage (tickets).

Deftones at Jones Beach - 6/13/17 Setlist (via)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Swerve City
Digital Bath
Back to School (Mini Maggit)
Phantom Bride
You've Seen the Butcher
Change (In the House of Flies)
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates


Rise Against at Jones Beach - 6/13/17 Setlist (via)
Ready to Fall
The Good Left Undone
Re-Education (Through Labor)
The Violence
Help Is on the Way
Give It All
Welcome to the Breakdown
People Live Here
Prayer of the Refugee
Make It Stop (September's Children)


Thrice at Jones Beach - 6/13/17 Setlist (via)
Of Dust and Nations
Black Honey
Yellow Belly
The Long Defeat
The Window
The Earth Will Shake


photos by Greg Cristman