UPDATE (10/30): Album officially announced, Purity Ring remix released. Other remixers include The Cure's Robert Smith, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, DJ Shadow, Clams Casino, Blanck Mass, Tourist, Squarepusher, and more.


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Deftones recently released their excellent new album Ohms, and they've now thrown more fuel on the fire of their upcoming White Pony remix album Black Stallion, which is coming out to help celebrate White Pony's 20th anniversary. There's still no release date or full tracklist, but we did get this new teaser:

In a recent interview with Vulture, Chino Moreno confirmed that DJ Shadow, Clams Casino, and Trevor Jackson all contributed remixes to the album:

I’ve been listening to a lot of remixers, DJs, and a lot of Boiler Room shit. I love live manipulating, especially vinyl. I just watched DJ Shadow’s Boiler Room set last night. He’s one of the artists that’s on the Black Stallion album. I like a lot of electronic music, a lot of experimental and shit, and there’s always the classics. I’ve been collecting vinyl for years. At my new house, I set up a record player in the media room, which has forced me and my family to listen to records and start them from the beginning and listen to the whole thing, through the experience. I’m trying to get my daughter, who’s 15, into that mindset of listening to records. Everybody right now is spoon-fed singles, but listening to records is an experience.

[...] Trevor Jackson did an awesome remix. I was so stoked on it. It’s almost hard to figure out what song it is. I love remixes like that, where it’s a whole new take. So him, DJ Shadow, Clams Casino, people whose music I liked and I like working with.

Read more at Vulture and stay tuned for more info.

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