UPDATE: The album is officially called Ohms and due September 25 via Reprise, and the title track is out now. Listen and read our review HERE.

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Deftones season is approaching, as we keep learning more and more about their anticipated followup to 2016's Gore (which will be their ninth album overall). Going by a series of recent teasers, it seems like the album is officially titled Ohms and due September 25, and they've also shed more light on it in a new interview with Kerrang!:

‘Is it heavy?’ he will be asked.

“Do you mean, ‘Does it sound like Meshuggah?’” Chino [Moreno] will reply. “No, it’s not heavy like that.”

‘Is it fast?’ will follow. ‘Are there double bass pedals all over it?’

“No, but when have we ever sounded like that?” Chino will offer.

It goes on like this. The questions keep coming.

‘Is it angry?’ pings another enquiry.

“Some parts of it are angry,” Chino will nod. “But have we ever made records that are just angry from beginning to end? No, we’ve never done that.”

Chino also adds that one song features a recording of seagulls ("I like it because it changes the setting of the song, it takes you somewhere"), and the album reunites the band with producer Terry Date, who helmed such Deftones classics as Around the Fur, White Pony, and the self-titled album:

“We’ve always made Terry quit,” chuckles Abe [Cunningham]. “It’s kind of our thing. We make him quit every record. First record? He quit. Second record and White Pony? He quit. Self-titled? He quit. And this one? He almost quit! He’s like a dad… And you don’t want to piss dad off. We can make his glasses fog up so quick. He bites his lip, his glasses get steamy, and we know we’re at that point! There’s always that goal of, ‘Let’s make ol’ TD quit!’ A lot of times he would just quit to get us on our toes.”

If it’s true that no producer has loyally suffered more at the hands of what Abe jokes is Deftones’ ability to “excel at lagging” than Terry Date, it’s also true that no producer has harnessed the beauty and fury of Deftones’ music like him. Their latest outing is a testament to this.

The band says they worked on 12 songs with Terry, 10 of which are making the cut for the album.

Kerrang! got an early listen of the album and they say it "feels like a concept album with certain words reappearing in different tracks," and that the lead single is "a gargantuan addition to Deftones’ library." (The original demo of it that guitarist Stef Carpenter sent to Chino was apparently 12 minutes long.) Kerrang! also adds:

The ones they did, they paid forensic attention to. The opening track, for instance, which begins with a gorgeous synth passage from Frank, had a complete overhaul. The screamed vocals you will hear were first demoed at Chino’s house over Christmas when he decided he didn’t like his initial approach on the song as it had already been recorded. Picture this: Chino – a preternaturally gifted vocalist – demoing his new take by whispering his screams into the mic so as not to disturb the people in his home. Stunning moments mount up: one song starts with a bassline so rapid Sergio Vega’s left hand probably has no fingerprints left.

Stay tuned for more info on Deftones LP9. They also have a White Pony 20th anniversary remix album (which they so far confirmed features DJ Shadow) on the way.

Update: The PRP points out that at least one fan followed the latitude and longitude coordinates that Deftones tweeted today to find this billboard for the band's new album:

While you wait for the new music, listen to Deftones' official "complete collection" Spotify playlist:


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