The 2017 edition of Upright Citizen's Brigade's Del Close Marathon happens June 23 - 25 in NYC, featuring round-the-clock improv performances across 10 stages, with over 650 shows and panels in the course of those three days. This year's lineup inlucludes UCB founders Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh, plus Bobby Moynihan & Friends, Sasheer Zamata, Horatio Sanz, Anthony Atamanuik, Nicole Byer, Adam Pally, Jon Glaser, Jason Mantzoukas, John Lutz, Heather Ann Campbell, Scott Adsit, Improvised Seinfeld, Search History, ASSSCAT, and lots, lots, lots more.

Weekend passes are a mere $40 (cash only) and go on sale at UCB Chelsea on June 23 at 3 PM, and will then be available at all DCM venues throughout the weekend. Most shows are first-come, first-serve, but there are advance tickets to some of the bigger events and are on sale now.

The basic schedule for the 2017 Del Close Marathon is listed below, but you're going to want to visit the DCM website for full details.



Friday June 23
Fri 4:00pm Marathon Press Conference
Fri 5:15pm Short Break: Not a Cleaning
Fri 5:30pm We Will Turn You Gay
Fri 6:00pm WUCB: Radio in the Dark
Fri 6:30pm Mister Diplomat
Fri 7:30pm Mantzoukas and...
Fri 8:00pm Theatre Cleaning
Fri 8:30pm Bobby & Friends
Fri 9:30pm THE LAW FIRM: Law and Disorder
Fri 10:00pm Apples & Oranges
Fri 10:30pm Cardinal Redbird is So LA
Fri 11:00pm Living Room: The First Generation
Fri 11:30pm My Every Whim-Prov

Saturday June 24
Sat 12:00am Theatre Cleaning
Sat 12:30am BroBro Time
Sat 1:00am The Sing-A-Long
Sat 1:30am Snapchat the Show
Sat 1:45am The Straight Men
Sat 2:00am Three Fuckable Men Perform A Real-Door Monoscene
Sat 2:15am The Audit
Sat 2:30am DCM AM Zoo Crew
Sat 2:45am Green Crew
Sat 3:00am The Black Panther Object Work Spectacular
Sat 3:10am The Tuttle Twins
Sat 3:20am No Butt
Sat 3:30am Two Boys Shit On Each Other
Sat 3:40am Tinder: Live!
Sat 3:50am 5 Minutes of Perfect Improv & a 5 Minute Standing Ovation
Sat 4:00am The Nacho'
Sat 4:10am A Bunch of DJ Khaleds
Sat 4:20am The Real Housewives of Opening Credits
Sat 4:30am Two Man Blue Man
Sat 4:40am Sex Toy Antiques Roadshow
Sat 4:50am I'll Allow it
Sat 5:00am The Pranky Boys: We Prank Scenes
Sat 5:10am Ocean's Eight Hundred Fifty-Three
Sat 5:20am Bjork the Improviser
Sat 5:30am Ten Minutes of Improvised Spotify Ads
Sat 5:40am As Your Boss...
Sat 5:50am Walgreens Sushi + Improv = This Riot
Sat 6:00am The Fyre Festival
Sat 6:30am Theatre Cleaning
Sat 7:00am Loverboy
Sat 7:20am Quipfire!
Sat 7:40am Lady Jay
Sat 8:00am Ghost Man on Third
Sat 8:20am Spider House
Sat 8:40am Why it Brite
Sat 9:00am The Ladies Of FA County
Sat 9:30am Goddamn Bear
Sat 10:00am Ms Mistoffelees
Sat 10:30am The Jamal: UCBTNY/LA
Sat 11:00am ZooTube
Sat 11:30am Old Money
Sat 12:00pm CÇ“NT HÃMMɆR
Sat 12:30pm BOOTS
Sat 1:00pm Theatre Cleaning
Sat 1:30pm Rumpleteaser: Musical Improv
Sat 2:00pm Search History
Sat 2:30pm Tami and Shannon Have Friends
Sat 3:00pm Worldwide WOC Mash-Up Show
Sat 3:30pm 2 SQUARE
Sat 4:00pm Play by Play
Sat 4:30pm GOAT
Sat 5:00pm Theatre Cleaning
Sat 5:30pm The Upright Citizens Brigade
Sat 6:00pm Mantzeri
Sat 6:30pm Rhythm Nation
Sat 7:00pm Didn't See It
Sat 7:30pm Improvised Seinfeld
Sat 8:00pm Adsit & You
Sat 8:30pm GRANDMA'S ASHES: We Won't Tell
Sat 9:00pm Theatre Cleaning
Sat 9:30pm Presidents of Roo
Sat 10:00pm Magic to Do: Musical Improv
Sat 10:30pm THE CURFEW
Sat 11:00pm Mother
Sat 11:30pm Doppelganger

Sunday June 25
Sun 12:00am New Parents
Sun 12:30am Sanzotime
Sun 1:00am Theatre Cleaning
Sun 1:30am FREE GIFTS!!!
Sun 1:45am Open forum for your stupid shit
Sun 2:00am To Catch a Predator: Improv Edition: Volume 69
Sun 2:30am Match Game '76
Sun 3:00am Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present
Sun 3:15am Pie Babies
Sun 3:30am Wicked Fucking Queers
Sun 3:40am The Great Talmudic Debate
Sun 3:50am The Kama Sutra
Sun 4:00am Rainbow Dancers
Sun 4:10am The Jalapenbros
Sun 4:20am Mother's Milk: Karen Pence Demon Fuckfest
Sun 4:30am DCM Women's March
Sun 4:40am New Zealands #1 Improv Troupe
Sun 4:50am He Had It Comin: Improvised Cell Block Tango
Sun 5:00am Springsteen Prov
Sun 5:10am Getting Out Of Jury Duty with Judge Richard FIngerton
Sun 5:20am Yo Yo Twinz
Sun 5:30am We Are Hungry For More.
Sun 5:40am Improv Sex 101
Sun 5:50am Scream and Cream
Sun 6:00am One Person Hot Spot
Sun 6:30am Theatre Cleaning
Sun 7:00am Amelia Street Fuck Club
Sun 7:20am Taco Monster
Sun 7:40am Big in Certain Countries
Sun 8:00am Improv Athens
Sun 8:20am The Invasion
Sun 8:40am FjORD
Sun 9:00am Chaos Comedy
Sun 9:20am Tunnel
Sun 9:40am My Momma's Biscuits
Sun 10:00am UCB TourCo
Sun 10:30am Theatre Cleaning
Sun 11:00am Dough Girls
Sun 11:30am Chicken Cop
Sun 12:00pm UCB: The Next Generation
Sun 12:30pm The Brexit Club
Sun 1:00pm The Trans/Non-Binary Mash-Up Show
Sun 2:00pm The Smokes
Sun 2:30pm Theatre Cleaning
Sun 3:00pm White Women
Sun 4:00pm 30 Minutes of Banter
Sun 4:30pm Winslow
Sun 5:00pm Zach Cherry Does A Presentation on a Powerpoint He Has Not Seen
Sun 5:30pm Blindfolded
Sun 6:00pm We Can Fix You
Sun 6:45pm Theatre Cleaning
Sun 7:30pm ASSSSCAT 3000 at UCBT Chelsea DCM19
Sun 9:00pm Theatre Cleaning
Sun 9:30pm ASSSSCAT 3000 at UCBT Chelsea DCM19

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