Finnish death metal legends Demilich were initially only around for three years in the early '90s, during which time they released a few demos and their classic, sole album Nespithe, which continues to be a major influence on the current wave of prominent death metal newcomers (like Tomb Mold and like Blood Incantation, who toured with Demilich recently and featured Demilich vocalist Antti Boman on their new album). We already knew that Demilich -- who have been reunited for a few years -- were making rare US appearances at Maryland Deathfest and an MDF pre-party, and now they've got some headlining club shows lined up around then too.

One happens at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on May 28 with Outer Heaven and Burial Stone. Tickets for that show are on sale. They've also got a show in Seattle and possibly more TBA. All currently known dates are listed below.

UPDATE: Full North American tour announced. All dates on tour poster below.

Meanwhile, Outer Heaven (who now count Tomb Mold's Derrick Vella as a member, headlined their own Vitus show the other day, and have a new album on the way) will also be back at Saint Vitus in June for Necrofest.


Demilich -- Other 2020 Tour Dates
3/13 Total Death Over Mexico III Mexico City, Mexico
3/20 El buque Cancún, Mexico*
3/21 Beershooter Mérida, México*

* - w/ Necros Christos, Question, Summoning Death

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