Dennis Callaci, of band Refrigerator and Shrimper Records, will release new solo album, The Dead of the Day, on February 14 via Shrimper. It's the third in Callaci's triptych that includes 2016's Bed of Light and 2017's The End of Night, and features appearances by Franklin Bruno, and long-time collaborator Aaron Alcala. Dennis' brother Allen Callaci, who is also in Refrigerator, co-wrote the lyrics on the mournful, spare "Scoreless," and sings backing vocals on it as well. That song premieres in this post and you can listen below.

February 14 is also the release date for Dennis' new book, 100 Cassettes, whose narrative in intertwined with The Dead of the Day. Here's the synopsis:

100 Cassettes started life as 100 hand drawn/painted cassette covers for an installation at the dA Center for The Arts in Pomona, California. Six months after that installation, the book 100 Cassettes started being written in earnest. The book’s ninety nine chapters (two of the cassettes make up one chapter) delve into the possibility of each imagined release by a wealth of artists spanning over fifty years. Find early entries of abstraction on Ida Cox, Alice Cooper, Talk Talk, Earl Sweatshirt and Lord Invader to nonfiction-based entries on Tony Conrad, Korla Pandit, Jackie Moore and Black Sabbath. Featuring a foreword by Jonathan Lethem and an afterword by Allen Callaci, the book winds around autobiographical information, the rich culture of Southern California from 1969 to the present day, and all musical points in between.

You can also catch Dennis on a West Coast tour in February which is with frequent collaborator Simon Joyner and includes in-stores and readings. Those dates are listed below.


Dennis Callaci - 2020 Tour Dates
02.14 - Pomona, CA @ dA Center for The Arts
02.15 - Los Angeles, CA @ Book Soup - 2pm
02.15 - Glendale, CA @ House Show (tickets)
02.16 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Streetlight Record Store - 2pm, Santa Cruz CA
02.16 - Oakland, CA @ House Show (tickets)
02.18 - Portland, OR @ Music Millennium in-store - 7pm
02.19 - Seattle, WA @ Sonic Boom in-store - 7pm
02.20 - Boise, ID @ Record Exchange - 7pm In-Store Performance
02.21 - Salt Lake City, UT @ House Show at Barn Deluxxe (tickets)

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