Denver ska-punk veterans Five Iron Frenzy put out a new song on last year's Ska Against Racism, and then they began crowd-funding their first album in seven years, which is called Until This Shakes Apart and is out today. The new record sounds as sharp as Five Iron Frenzy did in the '90s, but it's totally a product of 2021 and clearly inspired by the social/political injustice that's come to the forefront of mainstream news in recent years. From a recent feature on Denver publication Westword:

Seven years have passed since Five Iron Frenzy, Denver’s preeminent Christian ska band, dropped an album. But now, thanks to a muscular Kickstarter campaign, the bandmates have most of what will be called Until This Shakes Apart in the can. The new record addresses immigration, gun laws, the current presidential administration and the general state of society.

“We’ve always been down to talk about that stuff,” says tenor saxophonist Leanor Ortega Till. “We’re not going to stop now. It’s one of those interesting times in history where you kind of have to pick a side in some ways. You can’t just be in the middle. There’s no middle.”

Until This Shakes Apart is a pretty damn good comeback, with rippin' ska-punk rhythms and slower, dubby grooves that are as hard-hitting as the powerful lyrical content. Hear it for yourself by streaming it below.

In Through the Out Door
Lonesome for Her Heroes
So We Sing
Bullfight for an Empty Ring
Auld Lanxiety
Homelessly Devoted to You
One Heart Hypnosis
While Supplies Last
Like Something I missed


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