Hopeless Records has been picking up a lot of cool bands lately (Tigers Jaw, Sincere Engineer), and now they've signed Sacramento punks Destroy Boys, whose first single for the label is the sneering, ripping, and catchy "Muzzle." Here's some background on the song and the signing, via press release:

The new single “Muzzle,” is a blistering track exploding with aggression and energy, produced by Martin Cooke (Death Cab For Cutie, Of Monsters And Men, and producer of Destroy Boys' last LP Make Room). The song tackles feelings of being seen as disposable and subhuman, feeling out of control and taking your power back. It's an anthem for the unseen, written by [guitarist Violet] Mayugba, and inspired by a toxic relationship where she was mistreated by a man she was in a relationship with. With “Muzzle” Mayugba also takes her first role as lead vocalist, seething out the lyrics "You don’t know me / You don’t see me / You think I’m trash and you think I’m mean / I am not your fucking mannequin / Clothes pin call up your weekend sin / I am not your Polly Pocket girl /Chucking me in your donate bin."

The band is thrilled that “Muzzle” is their first release with Hopeless, a label whose diversity and particularly the number of women on staff, is something that really appealed to them. “It’s important to have women, and queer people, people of color, and differently-abled people in all aspects of the music industry, to have that support. Now we’re able to have more of a say in who we work with, and when you have that kind of control, you should do good with it,” says Roditis. “We’re really excited to be in a place where we can create the album we want to create,” she continues. ”They took our project very personally; they were really excited about us, and they don’t seem to want to infringe on what we have. They want us to maintain our own vision.”

"We are so excited to be working with Destroy Boys,” says Hopeless Records Vice President of Marketing Erin Choi. “They're incredibly talented and have such a powerful vision for who they are as a band. They inspire us as people, creatively, and through their passion for social justice. We think they're a great fit for the Hopeless roster."

Listen to "Muzzle" below.

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