LA metalpunks Destroyed In Seconds (aka D.I.S.) are releasing their third album and first in seven years, Divide And Devour, on April 24 (pre-order). They recently dropped the album-opening title tack, and we're now premiering the second single, "The Badge." It's a ruthless, D-beating ripper with some searing lead guitar, and as you might've guessed from the song title, it takes on the police state in America. The band explains:

"The Badge" is a scathing and damning response to the rising police state and law enforcement worship that has been growing in this country under an administration which openly embraces nationalism and open violence on minorities and those who oppose these dangerous ideals. Fascists openly march in the streets with police escorts. Officers under fire for misconduct and brazen brutality are acquitted even with the most damning of evidence against them. An entire counter movement was created to undermine the voices of those who decide to take a stand against the corrupt law enforcement system which openly demonizes and targets the oppressed. This is a response. This is a battle cry. This is not a threat. There is no warning shot.

Listen below.

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