German thrash metal legends Destruction are among the musicians who tried out a "socially distant" concert. On Friday (7/3) and Saturday (7/4), they played shows at the 1,600-capacity 27 Club in Switzerland with capacity limited to 250 on night one and 300 on night two.

As Blabbermouth points out, Destruction frontman Schmier spoke to Audio Ink Radio before the shows, and said:

What we’re experiencing now is the first trial of concerts, and Switzerland, also, is far ahead, so the whole world will watch the country and see the developments. So, it’s going to be interesting, and hopefully we’re not going to get hit hard again, but the way things go at the moment, it looks good. Switzerland is open just a couple of weeks, already. In Germany, we’re still wearing masks when we’re going grocery shopping and stuff, but in Switzerland, there’s no masks needed anymore.

Destruction streamed part of the 7/4 show on their Facebook, and one person commented, "Is this really happening right now? Being in America, I find this rather surreal. We're probably never going to get shows for another year." The band replied, "This is happening right now in Switzerland! The situation here is pretty good at the moment, and Swiss government allows concerts again under certain measures! " You can watch an archive of that video below.

The band also writes:

WOW!!! What a weekend in Switzerland @Konzertfabrik Z7 - Pratteln - danke, merci, thanks, grazie, teşekkürler for the fantastic fans that came from all over Europe to see the gigs.

Respect for the discipline that the Metal community showed at these social distancing concerts, this is the way this should be done.

A big CHEERS to the Z7 team for the invitation, the love and the perfect administration.

We are all hoping and working on more shows, as soon as our governments will give us guidelines and options!

We have filmed part of the concert and have collected background infos. So there will be an aftershow movie coming soon - stay tuned!

Killer collage by Gorka Rodrigo, more of his pics from the event can be found here.

Destruction also just released Born To Thrash – Live In Germany, and you can stream that and watch a video from it below too.

Meanwhile, here in America, DaBaby also played a concert on July 4th (in Georgia, where a recent surge in coronavirus cases was reported), and though the event coordinator told TMZ that safety precautions would be taken -- including a no mask, no entry rule and only three people allowed on stage with DaBaby -- Stereogum points out that videos from the show suggest otherwise: