Detroit emo band Easy Beach put out their debut EP Mantra in 2020, have been dropping new singles since 2021, and are now set to release a self-titled album this year via We’re Trying Records and Sleepy Clown Records. We're premiering their next single, "Catbath," a driving emo ripper that's very in touch with the genre's punk roots. Band member Ian Cruz tells us:

When Sean [Tarolli] and I started our first band a decade ago, we had this song that had no lyrics and was less than a minute long. The guitar part was pretty simple, but it was the happiest sounding song I had written up to that point. When we started Easy Beach, I kept finding myself going back to this little song, trying different ways to play it, expanding on it, and writing lyrics. After a few months, it began to take shape of the song that it is today. "Catbath" is a song about friendship, and having these wildly high expectations for people and the disappointment that comes with that. We’ve been playing this song live since our second show, and even though it hasn’t been available to listen to, our fans know it very well. I’m stoked to be able to finally release this song for them. When we got the final master back from Pat [Sheufelt, I/O Detroit Studios], I nearly cried listening to it. It’s wild to literally hear how far we’ve come since our first EP, and it’s all there in "Catbath."

The band also has some shows coming up in February and April. All dates and a stream of "Catbath" below...

Easy Beach

Easy Beach -- 2023 Tour Dates
3 - Ferndale, The Loving Touch Clipboards, Sincerely, Pia
22 - Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant Livestream

20 - Detroit, Lager House 420 Fest
21 - Chicago, Bookclub/SubT Seaholm, Arcadia Grey, Your Arms are My Cocoon
22 - Toledo, Ottawa Tavern Seaholm TBA
23 - Pittsburgh, Mr. Roboto Seaholm TBA

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