Detroit's In A Daydream are releasing the album This Side of Purgatory on December 3. It was recorded with Nick Diener (Greet Death, Hot Mulligan) at Oneder Studios and Tyler Floyd (Dogleg, Worst Party Ever) at Eureka Records, produced by band leader Bryan Porter and Nick, mixed by Nick, and mastered by Tyler. As Bryan explains, the album is dedicated to a friend who passed away at just 22 years old:

I should start by saying I’m dedicating this record to the memory of my best friend Patrick Badgley, who passed away in 2014 at just 22 years-old. This record is about the grieving process and learning to forgive yourself for doing somewhat destructive things in an attempt to cope with a loss, and how sometimes the best way to find true happiness is accepting the fact that everything is not always going to be okay. Sometimes when you’re experiencing something as painful as the unexpected death of a loved one, you can be so desperate to feel anything else that you resort to things like substances and other self-destructive behaviors to get some relief, but the only way to truly move on is to embrace reality and try to find whatever small bits of happiness you can within the new normal of life without whoever or whatever you lost. It’s still a very emotional record for me to listen to and play live, which I can only hope is a sign that it will affect other people when they hear it too.

The first single is "The Romantic Egotist," which Bryan says was inspired by Elliott Smith, The Beach Boys, and early 2000s emo, and you hear all of that coming through.

"When I recorded 'The Romantic Egotist' with Nick Diener and Tyler Floyd, I was listening to a lot of Elliot Smith at the time which explains the doubled vocals, and I think the faster part is like a mix of my Beach Boys fandom and early 2000s emo nostalgia," he says. "I think our music is different from what most of the 'scene' is doing right now, and I really hope people connect to it even if it's not quite what they're used to from an 'emo' band. Overall, the song is generally about learning to put yourself first and love yourself when all you're used to is being emotionally dependent on others."

Listen to the new song and check out the album artwork and tracklist below...

In A Daydream

1. Darkness Deepens [intro]
2. Dear God, (A Farce Rewritten As A Tragedy)
3. Narcissus Off Duty
4. It's Not Your Fault (x10)
5. The Romantic Egotist 04:21
6. Everything Hurt Beautifully (So It Goes)
7. Fast Falls The Eventide [coda]

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