Detroit's Easy Beach have released two new songs, "Selena Gomez (Took The Name Of This Song)" and "Blurry," both of which are roaring, anthemic songs that blur the lines between emo, punk, post-hardcore, and indie rock. Whatever genre you call it, these are just big, catchy songs that any fan of guitar-driven rock music should check out. (The band also thanks Dylan Baldi on their Bandcamp, and they do sound a little like Cloud Nothings.)

The single was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Floyd, who's also worked with fellow Michigan bands Dogleg and Greet Death, and the band's Ian Cruz tells us about working with Tyler, naming a song after Selena Gomez, and more:

I never thought we’d get to a point where the songs we write now sound closer to who we are as a band, than we did a year ago. Selena Gomez has a song called "Forget Forever," and when I had to give up one of my best friends that’s all I could think about. Forget it. It’s over. Moving on is difficult, but you eventually learn to fill the void that’s left. “Blurry” is a song I started writing a few years ago, but never found a way to properly record until we met Tyler Floyd. It’s about a friend who had a bad acid trip, and was never the same again. They left their face on the floor, and found it was a mask of someone they didn’t recognize. I guess both songs are about the changes we go through to become better people.

Listen to both new songs below...