Devendra & VincentDevendra Banhart met Vincent Gallo. I would like to see the pictures if there are any. Also,

Well, I (Devendra) have a band -- it's me and the drummer from Priestbird, Greg Rogove. What started off as a joke -- "Let's start a band and let's make up song titles" -- to our surprise and shock, we started writing songs, and we've written eight songs that I'm really really proud of and excited about. We're gonna record a real record, and we're called Megapuss. Also, I've always wanted to do something like a small traveling festival with, like, three known bands and some people that maybe haven't put out a record yet and also involve organizations like NARF ... I think that would be awesome.

If Megapuss is a Devendra side-project I already knew about, I forgot - I can't keep track. More stuff in Devendra's Pop Candy "Top 100 Interview".

AND, RELATED REMINDER: Jonanna Newsom is playing BAM. Public ticket sale begins Jan 2.

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