Devo were announced as one of the headliners for Desert Daze this week, as part of the festival's reveal of its full lineup. The press release for the lineup announcement billed Devo's appearance as "kicking off their farewell tour," and the poster had "farewell tour" on it as well. But Devo are denying there is a farewell tour (but are playing the fest). “#1 If we were going to do a farewell tour we would not call it a farewell tour,” Devo bassist Jerry Casale told Rolling Stone. “#2 If we were going to do a Beginning Was The End tour it would be Devo choosing when and where to make the announcement.” Desert Daze, who declined comment to RS, still have "farewell tour" below Devo's name on the poster on the festival's homepage.

Casale also says that a farewell tour wouldn't happen this year. "Perhaps 2020 before our next presidential (selection) would be a perfectly relevant time for Devo to take the stage for one final campaign 40 years after the release of Freedom of Choice,” he wrote to Rolling Stone. “Since elections are now rigged by right-wing judges, rampant gerrymandering, voter suppression, and manipulation of the Electoral College to sabotage the popular vote Devo’s canary in the coal mine warning about the loss of liberty and cultural Devolution is more dire than ever.”

Devo's last tour was 2014 and their most recent show was at the 2018 Burger Boogaloo where Fred Armisen played drums. (Devo drummer Alan Myers died in 2013.) No word on who their drummer will be for Desert Daze.

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