Devon Kay & the Solutions have been releasing one-off singles lately ("A Little Bit" and "Oh My, Oh My, We're Far Past That Now"), and Devon has now revealed that the band will continue to roll out songs all year, and they'll eventually all be compiled as the band's next album. Devon says:

With 2021 kinda seeming like a dud year for shows, especially for mid-range/small bands, we thought it would be cool to release this new LP we've made one single at a time! Funds permitting we are gonna try and do a single a month. It's surprisingly harder than you would think given we have to organize lots of different art assets, I have to give our PR person Kevin a headache with forgetting stuff all while we actually finish songs as they come out! So like... If you want to help you can order merch from us, donate some cash or follow us on Twitch/Instagram/Twitter Etc! It's no easy feat for an out of work old DIY person but I think we can pull it off and I got a feeling this batch of songs is gonna blow ya minds!

We're also thrilled to be premiering the third single in the series, "Frustrated People of the World, Unite!" "It's stupid but sometimes you gotta write what you know," Devon says of the song. "From the constant scorn of automated telephone services, running out of things to watch & having to think of all the bad choices I've made given the live music industry shutting down I'd say I'm the most frustrated I've ever been." Who isn't!?"

In addition to having extremely relatable 2021-era lyrical content, "Frustrated People of the World, Unite!" is yet another example of this band's ability to write super catchy, genre-blurring songs that fuse indie rock, power pop, punk, ska-punk-style horns, and more. The ingredients are familiar, but the end result couldn't be any other band. Listen for yourself below.


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