Recent A-F Records signees Devon Kay & the Solutions have been rolling out singles this year and we've got the premiere of the latest one, "Oh Glorious Nothing," along with its entertaining rooftop performance music video. "'Oh Glorious Nothing' is that summertime ballad that politely reminds you that we don't know where we go when we die," Devon tells us. "It takes that information and delivers it to you with such a bright and positive sound that it almost feels like a metaphor for how we walk around each day, scared... but humming a tune to drown out the anxiety."

Like the previous singles, it's a super catchy pop punk/power pop fusion with ska-punk-style horns, but otherwise not really ska... no upstrokes or anything. It's kinda like if The Hold Steady, The Front Bottoms, and Less Than Jake's horn section formed a supergroup, and if that sounds like something you might like to hear, you should know that Devon Kay and the Solutions very much pull it off. Check out the new song and video below.


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