DFA, the producers behind The Rapture and Black Dice, recently came out with a compilation of previously un-CD-released tracks. You may have noticed it as the 2nd to last addition to Pitchfork's best of the year.

DFADeath From Above

DFA, which stands for Death From Above, is not to be confused with the other current Pitchfork fave (3rd from last added), Death From Above 1979. One's an acronym. One's got 1979 on the end. Got it?

There's actually some history there.

'After Death From Above Records (aka the DFA), approached the band to change its name, the duo responded by tacking on the legal minimum of numbers to their moniker and posting to their former web site: "FUCK DFA RECORDS FUCK JAMES MURPHY WE DECLARE JIHAD ON THEM HOLY WAR ENDING IN THIER DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT... james murphy is a selfish piece of fuck that will burn in the flames of a specially dedicated rock and roll jihad. if i had the resources i would fly a plane into his skull.' - pitchfork

If you're interested in knowing more about DFA, check out this article in the Village Voice. It's an interesting story.

Vice band, Death from Above 1979, are supposed to play Rothko on December 4th. (If there is a Rothko on December 4th)

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