Death From Above 1979 did in fact play a 1am SXSW show on Saturday night, and it happened at Beauty Bar. Things got a little chaotic though thanks to the venue being small and there being an alley in the back where people could watch/listen from behind a fence. According to one attendant...

"The show began on a good vibe: fans were excited and dancing on both sides of the fence. I was standing by the front barricade watching the band and was only aware there was a problem when bassist Jesse F. Keeler addressed the crowd: "Hey guys, if you break down the fence, they're going to have to stop the show. Please don't break down the fence. It's not a sound barrier."

One song later, the fence was down. Only a few people rushed in. Many just stood still, watching as security took charge. When the band was informed, Keeler's band mate Sebastien Grainger told the crowd: "Alright, they're going to try and shut this s--- down, but we're going to keep on playing. How you guys doing? Welcome, welcome to the party.""

The police showed up and weren't happy with the alley crowd, and so, though the news makes it seem like the police broke up a riot, other videos make it seem like the police just decided it would be ok to ride their horses straight into the crowd. News video, video from the alley, and video from inside the show (songs included), below...

KXAN-Riot Outside Beauty Bar

Death From Above 1979 SHOW POLICE START RIOT SXSW 2011!

Death From Above 1979 - Police Shut Down (SXSW '11)

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