by Black Bubblegum

DIAL A for Awesome

If you were to ask about my favorite bands fifteen or so years ago, the answer would be simple: Helmet, The Jesus Lizard, and Snapcase. Now go ahead and tell the 1994-me that there was a band that incorporated elements of all three, then stand back and watch my head literally explode into a thousand pieces.

Enter New Zealand's DIAL, whose new self-titled EP that once existed as a demo (they rarely sound this good) is set to detonate on June 9th via Robotic Empire. Hardcore is a definite influence for this trio, but so are the start-stop rhythms of prime Page Hamilton, math rock, Unsane, Jesus Lizard, and the great AmRep. Listen to "Always At The Border", downloadable above, and stream a few others at their myspace.

DIAL currently has no plans to get on the road, down-under or otherwise, so cry yourself to sleep and pray that these three change their minds... or at least get back in the damn studio!

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