Avant-garde diva Diamanda Galàs, whose otherworldly caterwaul has been haunting folks for over 30 years, will perform her show "Death Will Come and Will Have Your Eyes" as part of the Red Bull Music Academy this month at Former St. Thomas the Apostle Church. The original two shows (May 10 & 12) sold out and they've since added a third show happening on May 14. Tickets are on sale.

"Death Will Come and Will Have Your Eyes" was recently performed at the Roadburn festival in The Netherlands and Invisible Oranges was there:

The strangest moment of Diamanda Galas’s set came in between two pieces of music. After thanking Lee Dorian, who curated the main stage of day two of the festival, she cleared her throat and took a sip of water. This was probably the only indication that her throat operates the same way as yours or mine. The rest of her set was an acrobatic display of the limits of the human voice. Galas is a tremendous performer, not just because of her melodic range, which is no joke, but for her timbral versatility. Her skill at manipulating her voice, and the contorted shapes she moved between, made the one dimensional harsh vocals employed by most of the other bands at the festival seem childish by comparison. Still, Galas’s blues-derived music shared common roots with many of the bands that the audience vacated her set to watch instead. Extremity is more than just a matter of volume. It would be reductive to say that Galas sounded like a woman possessed. Rather, she is a woman in full possession of herself.

These three RBMA shows are the only ones on Diamanda Galàs' schedule.

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