World renowned purveyors of some of the most brilliant, unique, challenging, ear-shattering, bowel-loosening, confrontational, mood-altering sounds ever recorded, label OHM Resistance dropped two absolutely crushing records on July 8 and, depending on your taste in music, I am bringing them to your attention to either broaden your horizons or to torture your ears.

First up is the strikingly produced Doublefade by Berlin-based duo Diasiva. Mads Lindgren (Monolog) and Simon Hayes (Swarm Intelligence) deliver listeners 11 wallops of staggering audio; frenetic, confrontational and bleak, the tracks defy the categories and sub genres of modern electronic music. There are touches of drum and bass, and dark hip hop a la Techno Animal and Dalek. The team effortlessly transitions from influence to influence to create a masterwork that could easily fit into the context of club DJs and pedestrian earbuds. This monster was unleashed digitally on July 8, but lookout for a boss vinyl release on September 2. Stream it:

The next release is Dirteaters by duo Zerfallmensch. This 10-track, 60+ minute journey is easily one of the most challenging aural experiences I have ever put myself through, repeatedly. At turns frightening, intimidating, and nerve-wracking, it is an extremely difficult record to appraise. Thank god for press releases:

Comprised of Ohm Resistance illuminati Submerged (Kurt Gluck) and haZMat (Mark Bostdorf), Zerfallmensch represents the fearless, boundary-crashing roots of Ohm Resistance, reimagined in the post-apocalypse of 2044.
A brazen, noise-laden, confrontationally hardcore affair from start to finish, “Dirteaters” is an ambitious portrait of societal collapse – ironically composed deep in the relative calm of upstate New York by two of electronic music’s modern masters. From the atonal, feedback-drenched “Dirt Pig” that opens the LP to the itchy ambience of “Walmart Dope Ripoff” through to the album’s apocalyptic climax of “Dirt Worship”, all ten tracks conspire to provoke as much as they evoke in the listener.

Fans of vintage Nasenbluten or Noize Kreator will have found a 2016 redux of the pre-millenium, no-fi approach in Zerfallmesnch and “Dirteaters”. 10 tracks. Zero fucks. As ghastly as it is beautiful in its sonic defoliation, Ohm Resistance is proud to ring in our big “4-0” with “Dirteaters”.

Take, for example, their track "Dirt Exorcism" which is a 13-minute sonic nightmare that happens to be one of the most effective pieces of music I've ever heard. It features a swelling and abating screeching static drone that feels like it's scratching away at the inside of your skull with a rusty nail accompanying audio of a person undergoing an exorcism. The combined effect is chilling. And the 14-minute closer "DirtWorship" is the best finale to this record that I could possibly imagine. To me, the track boils down to this: a jack-hammering drone of glitchy computer errors, heavy machinery, and spastic robot zombies firing machine guns while trying to fix a faulty jet engine with malfunctioning power tools as heard through the ears of someone with tinnitus.

This is not an album you throw into your iPod and jam to while heading to work; this is something you make time for, to listen to without distractions. It's a sonic vision quest. Masterfully imagined and produced, Dirteaters is a psychotic experience that pays dividends if you're willing to clear your head and dive in.This album became available digitally on July 8, but lookout for a vinyl release on September 2, 2016. Meanhwile, listen here:

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