Dick Stusso, the playful alter-ego of Oakland's Nic Russo, is back with S.P., his first album in five years, which will be out March 24 via Hardly Art. As usual it's a mix of styles, from twangy cabaret to anthemic indie rock and features contributions from The Sandwitches' Grace Cooper and Nic's father, Mac Russo, who is a longtime member with The Doobie Brothers. Russo says the album is an indirect sequel to 2015's Nashville Dreams / Sings the Blues that finds Dick going from beautiful loser to something darker. “The character is becoming unlikable," says Russo. "He’s succumbing to what is taking place around him.”

You can get a taste of S.P. via a loungey, mid-album three-song block: "Garbagedump #1 / A Fairly Normal Guy / Dinner For Two." You can watch a visulaizer for those below.

attachment-dick stusso - sp

1. Rocking Machine
2. Part-time Apocalypse
3. The Check In
4. Convenient Life
5. Garbagedump #1
6. A Fairly Normal Guy
7. Dinner For Two
8. The Masterwork
9. Self Reflection (Deep)
10. Big Money
11. Haunted Hotel
12. Checking Back
13. How Do You Spell Success?
14. Doubt
15. Failure
16. Hell
17. Twilight At The Shareholders’ Meeting
18. Tears Of Love

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