The Black Sun (German Schwarze Sonne), also referred to as the Sonnenrad (German for "Sun Wheel"), is a symbol of esoteric and occult significance. Its ancient design is also found on a sun wheel mosaic incorporated into a floor of Wewelsburg Castle during the Nazi era. Although it may be used in modern occult currents of Germanic neopaganism and in Irminenschaft or Armanenschaft-inspired esotericism, it has also been adopted in various forms by alt-right or other modern political groups. [Wikipedia]

Uh oh... did Shakira use nazi symbolism in the merch for her El Dorado World Tour? The necklace pictured above, which is on sale here, uses the ancient Black Sun symbol, which was installed by The SS in Germany's Wewelsburg Castle during the Nazi regime, and has been used by neo-nazis since.

It was of course probably an accident (the Colombian artist has spoken out against racism), but people are noticing:

No word from Shakira on this yet, but stay tuned.