by BBG


Seventh Rule welcomes their newest addition Diesto, a sludgey Portland combo whose new LP High As The Sun hits the racks on Monday 11/1. Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) melody creeps in - bands like High on Fire, Melvins, and even a partly-cloudy Torche are jumping off points, but Diesto veers into unique and fertile post-metal-ly territory. There's a bit of twang in their approach, though nothing as pronounced as Across Tundras, and I can hear bits of Earth mixed in with their guitar roar. High As The Sun definitely has its standout moments, like "Beyond The Graves" which you can stream & download below.

Diesto's current tour schedule is limited to their native Northwestern territory, but we'll let you know if that changes soon. Dates, and two song streams below...

Diesto - "Beyond The Graves" from High As The Sun

Diesto - "High As The Sun" from High As The Sun

Nov 19 2010 Plan B Portland, Or
Dec 2 2010 The Comet Seattle, WA
Dec 3 2010 The Cabin Tavern Bellingham, WA
Dec 4 2010 Winterland Bremerton, Washington