Diet Cig have cancelled their 11/29 Messiah College show after "it was brought to [their] attention that [the school has] some really serious anti LGBT policies." The band posted a statement, along with a screenshot of an article on The Atlantic, which points out that the school's handbook says students should "refrain from 'same sex sexual expression.'" Diet Cig's full statement reads:

hi everyone!! just fi we've cancelled out show on 11/29 @ messiah college. it was brought to our attention that they have some really serious anti LGBT policies + we have no desire to support or benefit from an institution that discriminates against its LGBT students/faculty/staff. we're really sorry if you were excited for the show, we're always touring and we'll probably be back near you sooner than later. we love you, thanks for understanding.

Here's more from that Atlantic article about Messiah College's poliices:

At Messiah College, ranked by U.S. News as the No. 5 regional college in the North, heterosexual couples are expected to refrain from sexual intimacy, but they can openly date. Meanwhile, gay students have to follow different rules. According to the handbook, “students who experience same sex attraction or identify as gay or lesbian are expected to refrain from ‘same sex sexual expression’ as it is embodied in culturally contextual practices (e.g., identifying as a couple or exhibiting expressions of physical intimacy).”

What happens if students break a rule against same-sex dating? At Messiah, situations are addressed “on a case-by-case manner that respects the dignity, privacy, and welfare of the person, in conjunction with the Christian identity and commitments of the college,” said Carla E. Gross, a spokesperson for the school. “This process is consistent for all behavioral standards and expectations established by the College—not just sexual behavior.”

[...] Not all students agree with these rules. Administrators “maintain that their policies are against behavior, not orientation, but they restrict forms of behavior to the point that there is no way to truly express orientation,” said Dan Heiland, a bisexual student at Messiah. “The joke among my friends is that you can be gay at Messiah, just so long as you don’t act gay, or say gay things, or do anything to show you’re gay.”

You can read more at The Atlantic. Here's Diet Cig's tweet: