DIIV have announced a deluxe 10th anniversary edition of their debut album Oshin that will be out digitally on June 24 and physically on August 19 via Captured Tracks. Also released on those dates will be a box set containing DIIV's first three 7" singles: "Sometime," "Human," and "Geist."

Here's the breakdown of the reissue from frontman/founder Zachary Cole Smith: "Oshin is our first album. It came out ten years ago and because of that we have decided to put together a very nice and very intricate and thoughtful 10th anniversary edition of the album for you. We are packaging it alongside my homemade demo recordings and a few unreleased live recordings from one of our first shows. It has new art by our friend Parker Sprout and it has some writing from the members of the band, the writer of the original Oshin poem, and an expansive meditation on the history of the album from Shaad S’souza. We hope you enjoy it.

Cole elaborates on the bonus material: "The first LP will be a replicate of the original tracklist and the second LP will include the original Oshin demos, two live cuts, including the previously unreleased track 'Yuk,' and a 24-pg retrospective booklet with photos, DIIV 'Fuck The World' poster, reflections from all four band members, and new liners written by Shaad D'Souza."

The Oshin deluxe edition is on blue marble vinyl, matching the original Captured Track Exclusive edition, and is limited to 5000 copies. The singles box set is limited to 3000 copies. Check out the artwork and tracklist for both below.

DIIV will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of Oshin with a NYC show at Brooklyn Steel on June 23.


Oshin - Double LP 10th Anniversary reissue:

LP1 Tracklist
1. (Druun)
2. Past Lives
3. Human
4. Air Conditioning
5. How Long Have You Known
6. Wait Earthboy
7. (Druun Pt. II)
8. Follow
9. Sometime
10. Oshin (Subsume)
11. Doused
12. Home

LP2 Tracklist
1. Druun (Demo)
2. Past Lives (Demo)
3. Human (Demo)
4. Air Conditioning (Demo)
5. How Long Have You Known (Demo)
6. Wait (Demo)
7. Earthboy (Demo)
8. Druun Pt. II (Demo)
9. Follow (Demo)
10. Sometime (Demo)
11. Oshin (Demo)
12. Doused (Demo)
13. Home (Demo)
14. Yuk (Live At Shea Stadium 7-29-2011)
15. Sometime (Live At Shea Stadium 11-29-11)

DIIV - Singles Box Set:

A-Side: Sometime
B-Side: ‘Corvalis

A-Side: Human
B-Side: Big Joke

A-Side: Geist
B-Side: Bambi Slaughter (Kurt Cobain cover)

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