Danish artist Anders Rhedin released Dream Work, his third album as Dinner, back in October. A break in style from the dancey stylings of his first two albums, Dream Work is all low-key pop that owes a little to Stereolab and the gentler side of The Jesus and Mary Chain, and there are wonderful duets with Molly Burch, Lina Tullgren and Blouse's Charlie HiltonDream Work made our Indie Basement Best Albums of 2021 list and you can stream it below.

Speaking of Best of 2021, here's Anders' list of his favorite things from the year, including albums, podcasts, art exhibitions, audio plug-ins and more. Check that out, complete with commentary, below.

DINNER - TOP 10 OF 2021

CTM: Celeste (album)
Holy holy moly. Danish cellist Cæcilie Trier has done it again. If Morton Feldman wrote smash hits this would be it. Maybe.

Den Forbudte - skole (podcast)
This podcast is blowing my mind. Talks about alchemy, Jung, MDMA-therapy, Music-therapy and so much more. Every episode feels like the most important thing you’ve heard in a year, or forever, or, you know. Only caveat: It’s 100% in Danish.

Lea Porsager: Stripped, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (exhibition)
Lea is one of the best contemporary Danish artists, I think. Mysticism, raw power, beauty. Good stuff.


Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances: "Watching the Willows Burn" (single)
Jack Name’s latest flawless, brilliant album Magic Touch is from 2020 BUT, luckily he put out this single with Aoife Nessa Frances in 2021, so I get to praise him on this year-list. To me, Jack is one of LA’s best songwriters. I consider him a modern day genius. I can almost say without a doubt that the feeling isn’t mutual. Anyways, check him out. Great, great stuff.

Highland Park Sleep Collective: OFFAIR - Music for Water (album)
Some of my favorite contemporary ambient. They did a set with gong and modular synths recently in LA. I wish I had 3 sets of hands because I’d like to rip off that idea for my next ambient set. I’ll have to settle with gong for now.

Molly Burch: Romantic Images (album)
Why is the new Molly Burch album so good? I don’t know. Luckily, she was kind enough to sing on my latest album - maybe some of her brilliance rubbed off. Let’s hope.

Baby Audio: TAIP (DAW-plug in)
Full disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by these guys. Yet. Anyways: If you like to make music and you’re sometimes too lazy to get that 4-track or 8-track going (and cleaning tape heads and what not) then THIS is the best tape-emulation in my opinion. It rocked my laptop-world in 2021, that’s for sure.

Emilija Škarnulytė: T1/2, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen (exhibition)
A deep drop into the immense beauty that lies on the other side of the veil. I wasn’t familiar with Emilija’ work before I saw this - what a talent.

David Stjernholm
David Stjernholm

Reptaliens: "Like A Dog" (single)
Have you heard of this US indie label called CAPTURED TRACKS? They’re putting out some pretty amazing artists. Just listen to this magnificent track by wunderschön Reptaliens.

Daughter (human being)
The major event for me in 2021, was the birth of my daughter. She is the most perfect human being that has ever lived. Sorry to whomever is reading this, but the rest of us suck very hard in comparison. She’s the best. Ever. I love her.


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