Dinosaur Feathers @ Hopscotch 2011 (more by Alex Broadwell)
Dinosaur Feathers

Their whole sad letter below...

Greatest Hits? by Dinosaur Feathers

FROM Dinsosaur Feathers:

Hello friends - Some time between Tuesday night (1/10) and Wednesday morning (1/11), someone broke into our van in Bushwick and stole just about all of our equipment. This is the list of our gear that is now missing.

We're working through all the proper channels (police, insurance company, etc.) to figure out what we do from here, but if you have any information about any of this equipment, please let us know. If you see something in a music shop or on Criagslist or eBay or whatever, feel free to contact us. Any help would be much appreciated.

- Dinosaur Feathers


2 Behringer Eurolive B212A powered speakers and power cords and speaker cables
Behringer Eurorack 16 channel mixer and power cord Multiple microphone cables

Bass equipment:
Vintage Gibson Custom 1972 EB-0-style bass, left-handed in large rectangular case (short-scale, pickup in center position, two knobs)
Vintage Ampeg V4B c. 1972 (non-master volume, toggle-switch version -- red electrical tape on power cord, one red chicken-head knob)
Speaker cables
Ampeg SVT-15E w/wheels
Ampeg SVT-210E (large dent in the side)

Guitar equipment:
Gibson ES-135 wine red w/humbuckers tan gibson case Souldier Guitar Strap
1960's Fender Silverface Bassman - black tolex, no master volume switch
Custom black Lopoline 12" speaker cab w/ 1970 fender twin speaker and blue grill cloth
Handmade 2x12 speaker cab - brown w/beige grill cloth and three speaker jacks in the back
A few packs of D'addario guitar strings

Guitar pedals:
Pedaltrain Mini pedal board w/bag
Menatone Howie w/ 7 knobs
Vintage Block-Logo MXR Phase 100 (late 70s, I think)
1 Empress Superdelay
Wampler Ego compression pedal
Korg Pitchblack true bypass chromatic tuner
2 braided guitar cables

Drum equipment:
26" Gretsch Catalina club bass drum-black sparkle
16" Gretsch Catalina club floor Tom - black sparkle
13" Gretsch Catalina club rack Tom - black sparkle
14" pulse percussion snare drum - aluminum
20" Zildjian K Ride Cymbal
18" Zildjian Avedias Medium Crash Cymbal
14" Zildjian top beat high hats
2 Gibraltar Cymbal stands
1 PDP cymbal stand
1 Dixon Drum Throne
Lp percussion wood blocks
DW 5000 single kick pedal
DW 5000 high hat stand