Dinosaur Jr and Circuit des Yeux have recorded cover songs for high fidelity streaming site Qobuz that were mixed in THX® Spatial Audio. Dinosaur Jr have covered The Zombies' “Whenever You’re Ready," and Circuit des Yeux have taken on Bauhaus' "Double Dare." Also available: Anat Cohen original “Calling Vic Juris.”

If you're unfamiliar with THX® Spatial Audio, it "uses advanced signal processing to place sounds 'out of the head' and transform conventional audio with realistic acoustics ensuring a unique listening experience, whether simulating a recording studio or an authentic virtual environment" and is "available to anyone listening from a device of their choice over any headphones." Learn more about it here.

“'Double Dare' is a song filled with immense power," says Circuit des Yeux's Haley Fohr. "Listening to it helps decimate my fear. My favorite part about the CdY interpretation of 'Double Dare' is the way Whitney (Johnson) represents the screeching guitar part with a viola and overdrive pedal. The way the harmonics and feedback bounces and resonates around in THX Spatial Audio feels like being in the eye of a tornado. If 'Double Dare' is an anecdote to fear, this cover of 'Double Dare' in THX Spatial Audio ups the dosage.”

You'll need a Qobuz subscription to listen to the full tracks, but you can preview Dinosaur Jr here, Circuit des Yeux here, and Anat Cohen here.

Dinosaur Jr just announced a few shows with Guided by Voices, and you can pick up their albums on vinyl in the BV shop.

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