Brooklyn's ever-morphing Dinowalrus are set to release their fourth album, Fairweather, this Friday (9/23). Main man Pete Feigenbaum has always had a love of shoegaze, Madchester and UK post-punk and those influences really come together on the new record. Pete told us, "There was a move to progress beyond the overtly '80s signifiers of our last album (i.e. hard arpeggiators) and try something warmer, classic and lush, with huge harmonies inspired by Ride! The album is generally about 'wanting more from people,' but it is more of a vibe than a direct narrative."

You can definitely hear that Ride influence on album opener "Tides" (shades of "Leave Them All Behind"). Fairweather sounds big, with soaring guitar leads and choruses, gurgling synths, and acidic 303s. You can stream the whole album right now -- it premieres in this post. Listen below.

Dinowalrus will celebrate Fairweather's release at Brooklyn's Rough Trade on Sunday, September 25 with Dead Leaf Echo and Sharkmuffin (tickets); and they'll also play Alphaville on October 20 with Mahogany, Clearance, and It's Over (tickets TBA).

All tour dates are listed below.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 @ROUGH TRADE w/ Sharkmuffin, Dead Leaf Echo, Drawing Boards. Brooklyn, NY
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12 @ BAR w/ Shifting Sands, Mission Zero. New Haven, CT
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20 @ ALPHAVILLE w/ Mahogany, Clearance, It's Over. Brooklyn, NY
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2016 @ AURORA w/ Triangle Forest, TBA. Providence, RI

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