There are a serious amount of amazing things coming out of cold storage thanks to people having a lot of time on their hands from coronavirus lockdown. (Many are out today on Bandcamp as part of the site's day of waiving its fees to help artists who can't tour.) Here's another. Chicago's Disappears, who broke up and transformed into the equally amazing FACS, just put up a "lost" album from 2009 that's a collaboration with Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley (who was the band's drummer briefly) and members of White/Light that was mixed by John Congleton and was originally going to be released via Shelley's Vampire Blues label. Here's Disappears with the backstory:

In the summer of 2009, Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and the band’s long time sound engineer, Jeremy Lemos, invited Lemos’ White/Light bandmate Matt Clark and Chicago spacepunx Disappears to come over to Lemos’ Semaphore Recording studio and jam. Their one-afternoon, two-drummers, three-guitarists, no-rules jam evolved into a productive and glorious multi-day freakout, which resulted in the recording of these eight songs. Producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen) later mixed the marathon session with Steve and Jeremy at Echo Canyon West in Hoboken, NJ.

And then… the record disappeared. Sonic Youth went on hiatus, Shelley briefly joined Disappears, Disappears broke up and then evolved into FACS; plans to release the album on Shelley’s Vampire Blues were scuttled and eventually shelved. In the quarantine days of spring of 2020, more than a decade later, Shelley started blowing the dust off old masters he’d had planned for his label over the years, and here we are. An Exclusive to Bandcamp. Rip it up.

Rip it up, indeed. Listen to the album below.

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