Los Angeles punk/roots vets Divine Horsemen, still powered by the vocal forces of Chris D (The Flesh Eaters) and Julie Christensen, will release Hot Rise of an Ice Cream Phoenix, the group's first album in 33 years, on August 27 via In the Red. The record also features X drummer DJ Bonebrake who was also part of The Flesh Eaters' 2018 reunion, and keyboardist Doug Lacy.

We've got the premiere of "Stony Path," a flamenco-inflected murder ballad that Chris D says is directly connected, thematically, to "Barefoot in the Streets" which precedes it on the album and sprung from the same creative well as "Ghost Cave Lament" from the The Flesh Eaters' 2019 album I Used to Be Pretty. "Though different in rhythm and speed, all three of these songs embody duende (a melancholic spirit, almost a demonic possession) of the singer and the players," Chris says. "In fact, in 'Stony Path', the male and female characters who are singing may already be dead from murdering each other – ghosts continuing their amour fou duel into a hellish eternity."

You can can listen to "Stony Path," and check out the album's first single, "Handful of Sand," below.

Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix

1. Mystery Writers
2. Falling Forward
3. Ice Cream Phoenix
4. Mind Fever Soul Fire
5. Handful Of Sand
6. Any Day Now
7. 25th Floor
8. Can't You See?
9. No Evil Star
10. Strangers
11. Barefoot In The Streets
12. Stoney Path
13. Love Cannot Die

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