photos by P Squared

The ecstatic weirdness of “I Luv U” remained intact after all this time, as did the boom of “Fix Up, Look Sharp.” (The passage of time did make “Jus’ a Rascal” sound more like a Dr. Demento novelty record, though.)

In a way, this show served as a discovery engine, a reminder that non-single album tracks like “2 Far,” “Hold Ya Mouf” and “Seems 2 Be” were nearly as effective as his most famous songs. But while this performance was spirited, it was ultimately limited in effect. Album-driven concerts are odd fits for singles-oriented genres — the legacy of Dizzee Rascal, or grime’s first wave, would likely have been better served by a D.J. set of his early hits, or something closer to a warehouse rave. - [NY Times]

UK grime vet Dizzee Rascal performed his classic 2003 album Boy in Da Corner in full for the first time ever on Friday, May 6 as part of the Red Bull Music Academy. The show happened at Music Hall of Williamsburg and the stage was done up to initially look just like the LP's striking, banana-yellow artwork. There was also a smaller version fans could get their pictures taken with, too.

Red Bull Music Academy continues this week with three performances by avant garde diva Diamanda Galas, a celebration of '80s Bronx freestyle, and the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair. More pics from Dizzee Rascal's show at MHOW, below.

A gallery of all the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy events so far continues below: