Last year, Flee Lord released one album each month. Meanwhile, DJ Muggs' 2021 has been off to a similarly prolific start. He already released an entire album with Rome Streetz, as well as the solo album Dies Occidendum, and now the Cypress Hill producer has helmed an entire new Flee Lord album, his first of 2021, Rammellzee. Like Rome Streetz, Flee is an up and coming New York rapper who's a devotee of his home city's mid '90s boom bap (he was initially a protégé of the late Prodigy), and as Muggs recently said, "I'ma continue to [work with the next generation of rappers], and educate along the way with who wants to listen, and show them how to stake what they have and expand it."

As he did on the Rome Streetz album, Muggs provides Flee with a hypnotic backdrop that feels equal parts vintage and fresh. Flee knows exactly what to do with it, and guest appearances from Ghostface Killah, Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren, CRIMEAPPLE, and T.F. fit perfectly within this sonic universe. Listen below.

Speaking of, CRIMEAPPLE also released a new album today, YDFWC?.

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