DJ Shadow's groundbreaking 1996 album Endtroducing just turned 25 last week, and to celebrate he's releasing a new vinyl edition this Friday (9/24) via Mercury Records. The reissue features totally remastered audio taken from the original tapes, and was cut at Abbey Road Studio using the half-speed mastering process that results in significantly higher quality sound. You can pre-order it on double vinyl from the BV Shop.

“I was so happy to have recently discovered the original DAT tape that served as the final mix source of the album, and was able to provide it for the remaster just in time for this release," says DJ Shadow. "When comparing the new version with the old, I was shocked at how many audible details were revealed that I had completely forgotten about.”

Made over the course of two years, Endtroducing was created entirely from samples and continues to be massively influential on hip hop, trip hop, dance music, jazz, rock, film, television and more. "I've always seen that album as a gift," DJ Shadow recently told Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "As a fan of music and somebody who likes to say they study music and history of music, I understand how unusual everything about the success of that record or the... I don't know. Just the entire arc of the record, it's really unusual. And so I can recognize that and appreciate it from a distance."

He went on to say, "It was interesting the way New York hip hop people related to the record or didn't. It was so interesting the way Bay Area people related to the record or didn't. And I actually always relished the opportunity to have somebody try to pull my card in that era, whether it was a journalist or another artist I loved because that's also part of hip hop."

You can pre-order the Endtroducing 25th anniversary reissue, which is pressed on double vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve, in the BrooklynVegan shop. and listen to the original album below.

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