Django Django's fourth album, Glowing in the Dark, is out today and is the band's most entertaining, Django Django-iest record since their first, mixing dancefloor bangers and surfy guitar pop in fun, surprising ways. There's also "Waking Up," a terrific Paisley Underground-style psych number featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg on lead vocals. You can listen to the whole album, and check out videos as well, below.

We asked drummer and bandleader Dave Maclean to tell us about some of the inspirations behind Glowing in the Dark -- he obliged, and showed us too, taking pics of everything on his list, not all of which were strictly music-related. There are records, of course, but also books, instruments, art, knickknacks, videogames and at least one green extra-terrestrial. It's a fun list, with entertaining commentary from Dave, and you can check that out below.


1. The KLF
I was fascinated by the KLF as a kid and loved their records but I didn’t really realise what a postmodern masterpiece the whole enterprise was until I was a student and read The Manual. The artwork from the stark black and white aesthetic to the epic videos to the iconic T shaped speaker stack still looks so effortlessly cool and relevant. Bill Drummond’s own writing and art is great too and if you think of all the stuff he’s been involved in over the years it’s been such an inspiring career.

Photo 1 KLF

2. Mobius.
I was a huge fan of marvel comics when I was a kid in the 80s and I didn’t really go back to comics and graphic novels until later when I discovered Möbius via Jodorowsky. These 2 graphic novels need to be read again and again because they’re so rich and layered. Each page is a masterpiece. I recommend reading Edena right now as you might recognise the whole ‘nose disease’ situation.

Photo 2 moebius

3. Old tapes
Sometimes on this album I was trying to emulate the sound of old cassette tapes and the way they compress and crunch sounds. It’s really satisfying. I had hundreds of mix tapes when I was younger and made about 3 a week as a teenager when I got my first set of decks. These two ‘The Edge’ double pack tapes have a lot of my favourite hardcore and Porto jungle sounding tracks on them. That sound was a heavy influence on our recent remix of ‘Glowing in the Dark’.

Photo 3 old tape the edge

4. Old computer games
I’m not a ‘gamer’ at all. Modern games confuse, frustrate and bore me in equal measure. The last game console I had was a Mega Drive and this was my favourite game. I dug it out recently and was instantly addicted. I love the soundtrack and going back further, I dug out a ZX spectrum so I could make drum loops on it. There’s some mad rudimentary music making programs for it but making the hardware work on 2020 is proving a challenge.

Photo 4 old videogames

5. 80s and 90s library records
I’ve been collecting library records for years but loads of the best 60s and 70s stuff is really expensive. Like synths, I decided to just start getting into the crap 80s and 90s stuff nobody wants and it’s an proven to be an absolute wealth of corny digital wonder.

Photo 5 80s library records

6. Cheap synths.
Like I was saying cheap synths that no one wants have always been my thing. It’s like adopting an unwanted animal. If you show it love, it will enrich your life!

Photo 6 bontempi synth

7. This Alien Head.

Photo 7 alien head

8. Collecting / hoarding crap
I love collecting things from records to stickers and I’ve always held onto stuff. I love curating shelves in the studio and house and organising random rubbish.

Photo 8 junk

9. Stickers.
A lot of the artwork for the LP campaign came from my sticker collection. I collect weird old stickers and arrange them in sketch books. It stated when I was young. Touring in America is amazing because junk shops are full of this stuff.

Photo 9 stickers

10. Private press records.
When you’ve been record collecting over 30 years sometimes you hit a brick wall when I comes to digging for old stuff. Annoyingly for my bank balance, I’ve been getting into private press records. So many great groups that couldn’t get record deals in the 60s, 70s and 80s went the DIY road , pressing their own LPs .. and thank God they did ! Sometimes the LP a is awful but I’ll get it just for the amazing DIY artwork. (This album is both amazing sounding AND has an amazing sleeve).

dennis weise

Django Django's Glowing in the Dark is out now via Because Music.

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