DM Stith

On December 9th, we [Asthmatic Kitty] will proudly unveil the very first release from DM Stith: the EP, Curtain Speech.

We signed David Stith after listening to just two demo songs. Yes, they were that good. And then, after a year of careful recording and revising, Stith finished Curtain Speech. It is an EP that - we admit - is little more than a tease for the upcoming 2009 full length, Heavy Ghost. Still, Curtain Speech is exquisite; a complex, atmospheric set of whispered songs. This EP gives us something to savor while we wait.

David and Sufjan don't have anything coming up, but Shara Worden aka My Brightest Diamond has a bunch of shows scheduled.

And since we're talking about Asthmatic Kitty, check out the winning entry in Rafter's recent video contest below...

Rafter Juicy Music Video Sweaty Magic by Dax Norman

**Higher Quality Video can be found here:

Animated Music Video for Rafter's song, Juicy.
Animation by Dax Norman. Edited By Evan Henke

Growing up around cable TV, and now youtube, we are all bombarded constantly by images. My artwork reflects this. I envisioned this music video as someone changing the channel on their TV, only there are multiple shows on at once. (even sharing the same lines and shapes) They sometimes change together, sometimes not. Some channels may stay on longer.

I aim to animate multiple things going on simultaneously, known as double imagery. Also, you will see an animated tesselation, perhaps the first of its kind? That part is also like one of those old magic eye puzzles. (See if you can find the walking man in there). Later, I will list all of the things hidden in this animation.

I never realized how atrocious youTubes compression was until it happened to me. (watch in the higher quality version for a little better view)

Try to find all of these things that are hidden in this music video:
1st Shot:
Longhorn, Walking dog, Red Spider, Superhero in a car, cool guy with shades on, elephant (1), goldfish, walking man(hint: this one is like an animated magic eye puzzle. Ice Cream cone(1)

2nd shot:
an Old Shoe, a wizard, a boxer, some guy holding a rose and a bird, a nodding face

A lady Boxer, a grumpy construction worker, girl's face.

5th Shot.
2 lovers kissing, a flying bird old shoe (2), alligator, backwards girls face, a Beagle, mouse playing air guitar, toothpaste tube, Ice Cream Cone(2) Elephant, Pig...

there are very many more things hidden, but I will try to list the rest later. I think you get the picture.
Enjoy, -Dax

More Rafter music HERE.

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