Japan's DMBQ (aka Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet) are one of a kind, and have been making wigged-out, heavy psychedelic rock for nearly 30 years. The group's new album is titled Keeenly -- the extra E could be for Energy -- and will be out November 16 via God?, the Drag City imprint run by Ty Segall. It's their first in over a decade. "There is no band like DMBQ. They are unique destroyers of sound, and lovers of sonic beauty, existing in the places between," says Ty. "Masters of harsh tone and psychotic rhythm. Keeenly is an alien planet type record, evoking images of landscapes and weather patterns found in other galaxies. Purple wind and green fire." You can feel the purple wind and green fire on your face on "Bluebird," a nine-minute jam that rips, shreds and generally pulverizes everything in its path into itty bitty pieces. Stream that below.

It's been a long time since DMBQ toured North America. Let's hope they return soon.



DMBQ - KEEENLY tracklist:
Blue Bird 8:59
Alone in the Milky Way 5:11
Fitzcarraldo! 3:05
No Things 7:15
Thou, Winter Song 12:04
So the Word of Good Spread 5:32
Cosmos, Universe 8:59
When I Was a Fool 7:25
The Cave and The Light 6:15

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