DOWNLOAD: The Dodos - Fables (MP3)

The Dodos @ Studio B (more by Ryan Muir)
The Dodos

"So the Dodos record leaked last week. After the band found out, they wanted to allow fans a legal, easy way to hear the album. So we've launched a website where the full album is streaming (@ 320kbps), and fans can pre-order their copy, get free downloads, etc. Physical release dates are staying the same, but the digital dates are moving up considerably. The album will be available digitally on July 28th in the US (exclusively at Amazon MP3 for one week, then everywhere else the week after), and July 27th in the UK. The price of the record at Amazon MP3 during its first day of availability will be insanely low."

All tour dates HERE. Now crack open a cold Miller Chill and check out the new album and/or their video message below...