The beloved annual Tompkins Square Dog Parade was saved - and moved to a new location - after being cancelled back in August. For its 28th edition on Sunday (10/28), hundreds of costumed canines, their owners, and thousands of onlookers flocked to East River Park Amphitheater. The change in location offered a lot more space and a less chaotic feel than previous packed-to-the-brim interations at Tompkins Square Park, although the amphitheater itself suffered a wide divide between the stage and onlookers in the stands. Still, there were plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the pooches on either side of the stage, and plenty of grass for them to romp in.

Dressed up dogs wore a wide variety of costumes, including "Biggie Paws," multiple Freddy Kruegers, food items (hot dogs and taco dogs were both popular choices), Max from Where the Wild Things Are, superheros, a bath loofa, Beauty and The Beast, Totoro, a llama, an Oompa Loompa, a literal Greyhound Bus, the Pope, and more. Check out pictures of the Halloween hounds below.

Local civic group Good Old Lower East Side funded the insurance for this year's parade, and ESPN, whose Katie Nolan hosted, donated $10,000 to the City Parks Foundation for the Tompkins Square Dog Run. A GoFundMe also raised money for the event.

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