by Andrew Sacher


New Orleans rockers Donovan Wolfington (a band, not a person) have teamed up with Topshelf Records to follow last year's debut LP, Stop Breathing, with a new EP, Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark, on April 8. Our first taste of that EP is the loud, driving, full-throttle rock of its first single "Keef Ripper." It's not exactly lo-fi, but it's raw in a way that sounds like the band took the song straight from the practice room to the studio, with no time for last-minute edits or production value. They keep it tuneful too. Check it out (via Noisey), along with the EP tracklist, below.

Following a trip to Austin for SXSW, Donovan Wolfington are also set to head out on the road with Chicago's Dowsing, who share their knack for scrappy guitars and solid tunes. That tour hits NYC on April 17 at Death by Audio. No advance tickets or other bands announced at the moment.

All dates are listed, with the tour flyer and streams from both bands, below...


Donovan Wolfington - "Keef Ripper"

Dowsing - I Don't Even Care Anymore LP

Donovan Wolfington - Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark Tracklist:
01) Sleeping
02) Quitting
03) Alone
04) Keef Ripper
05) Hey Alex


Donovan Wolfington -- 2014 Tour Dates
3/12/2014 SXSW
3/13/2014 SXSW
3/14/2014 SXSW
3/15/2014 SXSW
4/11/2014 Birmingham, Al @ The Forge*
4/12/2014 Nashville, TN @ Neuhau5*
4/13/2014 Chicago, IL @ Township^
4/14/2014 Grand Rapids, MI @ The House of Pancakes^
4/15/2014 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project^
4/16/2014 Philadelphia, PA @ Gold Tea House^
4/17/2014 Brooklyn @ Death By Audio^
4/18/2013 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space^
4/19/2014 Richmond, VA @ House Address^

* - w/ Pope
^ - w/ Dowsing